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Recovery From Heroin

heroinA study compared the effectiveness of naltrexone (a standard treatment for heroin addiction), buprenorphine and placebo in treating drug addiction. The U.S researchers proved that Buprenorphine helps heroin addicts to stay clean for more number of days compared to other treatments. According to the study, buprenorphine performed best in maintenance of heroin abstinence, prevention of relapse, and reduction of HIV risk behavior of patients.

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  1. kayakotto says:

    Sorry, but as a recovered addict myself I do not agree with treating drug addictions with further medications. Yes, sometimes medication is necessary in order to facilitate a medically safe withdrawal. However using one drug to replace another, simply is self-defeating in my opinion. It gains some popularity as it “appears” to be an easier path. Did you know heroin was once touted as the cure for morphine and opiate addiction. Look at methadone, anyone familiar with the field will tell you methadone can be more addictive, has greater health risks, and has a rougher kick than heroin. Now we have a new crop of drugs on the scene. The handle is to cease drug use period, while restoring life, health, and vigor to the individual. has a fee booklet that is a great introduction to the subject of “effective” rehabilitation.

  2. venus says:

    Thank you for sharing your opinion.

  3. lyricslover says:

    hi kayakotto, thanks for the booklet. It’s very useful. Yeah, they used different drugs to treat many disorders and the patients became more addicted to the medication drugs. Your booklet is effective. Thanks for sharing it with us.