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How War Affects Children

BabyWar tears the childhood happiness apart. According to the United Nations, children in 50 countries are currently growing up in the midst of war. When researchers asked few moral questions to these children, there was a whole new moral outlook found. When researchers questioned these children about the morality of stealing or harming someone. Although they grew up in an environment filled with homicide, theft and physical violence on daily basis, surprisingly, these children all said that stealing and harming others was wrong, morally wrong, even if everybody did it. But the children had a whole different view of right and wrong within the context of revenge. They will harm someone when it comes to revenge.

Fights, terrorism and all-out conflict are based in real or imagined scenarios where each side see themselves as victims. These children justified the reason for revenge. You have harmed me or those I love, so I can righteously harm you and yours which is a social context of tit-for-tat. These children are dragged into the complex network of revenge justice.

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