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CuilCuil is a brand new search engine, its only one day old. Cuil (pronounced COOL) provides organized and relevant results based on Web page content analysis. Cuil claims that it goes beyond today’s search techniques of link analysis and traffic ranking to analyze the context of each page. The team behind Cuil has an extensive history in search. The company is led by husband-and-wife team Tom Costello and Anna Patterson. Mr. Costello researched and developed search engines at Stanford University and IBM. Ms. Patterson was the architect of Google’s large search index. Cuil says it has indexed 120 billion Web pages, 3 times more than any other search engine. Will Cuil be a threat to Google?

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  1. Natali says:

    There is a new search engine. The new visual search engine, it is only for kids.

  2. Palapple says:

    Thanks for sharing. Search engine optimization is indeed one of the most crucial areas in Internet marketing, it is a perfect bridge between technology and business.

  3. venus says:

    Looks great.

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