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Justice is not always served. My husband and I put up a band rehearsal studio in our hometown. We invested a lot of hard-earned money buying audio equipment and music instruments. We even put our collection of guitars there. A few weeks later, we came to an empty studio. Apparently, robbers came the night before and took our little treasures away. We reported the incident to the police and enlisted the help of our musician friends to be on the watch. One day, my husband chanced upon an ad for a guitar which happened to be one of our missing guitars. We contacted the person right away and informed the police. Sadly, we just recovered one of the guitars and the police were unwilling to help us further. The reason? We have no idea. The officers told us pursuing the case is not worh it. My husband became afraid that we might earn the ire of the police if we insist; or if we do the pursuing ourselves, we might uncover a group of gangsters. Fearing for the safety of our family, we just let it go.

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